Mobile Apps are a constant reminder of your business. The main objective of our company Busca-Apps owned by Michael Gonzales from Dallas is to build an app that supports various mobile platforms like Android, Windows, iOS. Businesses are making use of these mobile apps to reach customers and improve the recognition of their brand. What exactly are the benefits of a mobile app development?

User Experience:

  • Develop, design, test and validate before deployment on a multi-channel mobile apps in a fraction of the time required by other code-based tools
  • Ease of use means line-of-business personnel or even development staff can build the perfect mobile app and building an app using the best resources.
  • Designing a unique UI that gives the user best experiences from every platform while maintaining consistent business logic throughout
  • Integrate to backend systems quickly and easily
  • Users can have smooth transition of the projects to your new staff and avoid having hassle and expense on maintaining app

Cross-platform: iOS, Android, Windows & the Web:

  • Build native apps for any iOS, Android, or Windows-based device
  • Portals that work consistently across all HTML 4 / 5 browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and all mobile variants) and create a powerful & dynamic web app
  • Create a single app on both native and web-base that operates consistently across all platforms

Purpose-built for enterprise apps:

  • Even without network connectivity users can work on the database using the native app
  • An app that automatically operates in the background when network failures arises, so users will not be interrupted and at ease without losing any of their data
  • An app with an LDAP authentication or active Directory support, security & encryption, remote device lock, invisible two-factor mobile phone authentication, and more
  • Flexible/scalable server database architecture to be able to accommodate growth and handle load balancing, data recovery, etc.

Constant Availability: Mobile Apps are a constant reminder of your business. Apps reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility. The mobile apps that Michael Gonzales from Dallas develops can provide more repetitive businesses than a mobile website because it is always visible on phone screen and it makes your business appear in front of customers. With advanced tools available in the market, your app can also keep evolving with time and customer usage and find more users to make them aware about your business, any time of the day.