Building an App Aesthetic

Think about one of the first comments you see as you scroll through the App Store in your free time. The initial interaction that represents the entire app is the logo. The picture, or logo, subconsciously helps you decide to download the app or not. The picture leads into downloading it and using the app. The interaction of you eye and design makes it so that how your app looks is imperative.

     Sometimes the logo of the app is on display, the logo of the company, or a fun take on a product that is provided. It only takes seconds for your brain to decide whether it is visually pleasing or not. Clicking on an app takes you to the download page. Downloading an app eventually takes you to the app itself or a connected mobile interface. Your brain decides throughout this entire process whether your eyes are being pleased or not. That is all aesthetics. Having a cohesive branding with logos, color palettes, and easy-going aesthetics can pull or push customers away. Make sure everything is cohesive. If this all sounds direct and outside of your bandwidth, then do not be afraid to hire a graphic designer. Outsource to people who do this for a living and watch your trust and vulnerability turn into profit.

     The cleanliness of your in-person business matters. Walking into stores or restaurants that are dirty makes one lose an appetite fast. Do not be the place that does not sweep or take out the trash. Treat your app and mobile website the same way you would a restaurant or home. Make it all look good and the results will be apparent. Good aesthetics are inviting!

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