Knowing Your Audience For Your App

Having a product is a quarter of the battle. Having a good product rounds out that first half. You being able to get the word out there about your product still doesn’t finish it off even! Knowing who your audience is however, finishes off the perfect hand. In order to finish, you need the right product in the right hands.

     Think about the ads that are tailor made for you from the likes of Google everyday. You spend hours upon hours watching YouTube videos about fishing, right? After this, you browse through fishing gear on a local shop’s website. You round out your night with perusing Facebook, and then you see an advertisement for fishing. It all works together schematically and algorithmically. So does the app in your consumers’ hands. The first step is running ads, collecting data, reviewing spreadsheets, and all the like. Registering through a company like Busca Apps helps with locking down who your audience is.

     The next step is designing and tailoring your app and all encompassing brand around that identity. If you are selling products to an elderly couple, yet have child fonts and colors popping off the screen on your app, then you are doing it wrong. Recognizing your brand identity as a whole from you to your consumer is huge. You HAVE to build out your platform for your audience. Addressing the fact that your target demographic and your reached demographic are or aren’t matching can directly lead to more effective business to consumer bridges. So pick an audience, find them, and then meet them where they are at.

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