Meeting Consumers Where They’re at in App Development

One thing people always seem to forget about life is meeting people where they are at. What does meeting someone where they are at look like? Exactly how it sounds. Imagine teaching a family member a sport or activity you know very well. It does not matter what the activity is! If you are working with a 5 year old, chances are that they do not understand the first thing about most activities adults do. Being a business owner is pretty similar. How?

This is exactly how consumers should be met. It is not that they are incapable or unintelligent, but they are just not as educated as you are about the passion project that is your business. No one cares as much as you do about what you do. So when looking at the user interface, call to action, accessibility, etc. put your customer’s theorized experience first. Hone in on your demographic and cater to them. If your demographic is younger, then do not plot out your app to be catered to an older user. Meet every single user where they are at.

Your customers are not kids. They are working members of society, so treat them as such. Take it seriously, be intentional, but slow it down and bring them along however you can. This would be just teaching a kid how to climb across a jungle gym. You take it slow, communicate with words they understand, and work with them until they can climb the monkey bars like a champ. It is so worth it, but it takes time.

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