Mobile App Metrics

Finding the right voice online is important. Having a cohesive social media campaign and strategy is important. That all has to start somewhere right? Where do you push your customers to have a centralized location of reference for your business? After social media, you need to get an app and follow its metrics of course!

     One might say, “Metrics? Why does that matter? Isn’t posting on social media, having a plan, and having an app enough?” The short answer is no. On our Busca-Apps website it shows one of the most blatant examples of the importance of metrics. In a direct quote from the one-stop shop for app development needs, it says, “Customer centric companies are 60% more profitable. Collect customer data with user onboarding to increase sales. 56% of consumers are willing to share data to get better service.” If you break down metrics, you get conclusive data to help better cater to your consumer.

     Even streaming websites like Spotify and Apple Music have this option available to see who is listening, where they’re from, their age, and even their gender. This benefits the growth from musical artists to their record labels. So if these huge brands and companies are using them, then so should any and every business. Find and identify your audience, read information about who they are, and then implement better ways to engage with them IN-APP! The information is out there, and a place like Busca-Apps can help you get there.

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