Year 2008 was the year that mobile apps first made its presence. Since the first day of its release, they have grown to an extent where every mobile user now uses an array of apps in everyday routine. Be it reserving a table or ordering lunch at restaurant, booking a cab to reach workplace, mobile app can do it all. In fact, our company Busca-Apps owned by Michael Gonzales from Dallas is constantly receiving demands for building apps in different categories.

With the increase in the number of mobile phone users, there comes a demand for better applications. And in turn, huge scope of mobile application development in Texas.

Cross-Platform and Cross-Device Development

With the evolution of HTML5, mobile applications will no longer be confined to a specific platform. iOS, due to its pricing, will rule the high-end market, and Android will rule the platform business in terms of sales. In the future, we will have a hybrid mobile application that will work on all platforms.

IoT Applications

Technology has made us all very lazy, but the best is still to come. The IoT (Internet of Things) will help us control things around us via applications. Google Glass, Apple Watches, and others are just the beginning. These days we are seeing some great models of IoT Applications such as self-driving cars, fridges that read your tweets, and rings that control everything, etc. In time, we will see more of these being used in our daily lives.

Developer Tools

With our technology advancing, mobile application industries are competing each other on how fast they can launch their applications with minimum time to develop and in turn producing tens and thousands of applications each year. Most of the mobile application companies today uses an application programming interfaces and software developer kits which makes it convenient to them to develop and launch applications in shortest time. And in time, we will see a rise in these applications and more advanced software kits.

Enterprise Apps

A lot of today’s focus is on customer apps but going forward the trend will head towards Enterprise apps. As enterprises are more willing to shell out money, customers get what they want. Also, enterprises want to get up-to-date with latest technology, and mobile applications will help them do so.

Location-Based Services

“As all of our day-to-day activities—whether it be ordering groceries or calling an electrician—have started becoming apps, at Busca-Apps we find more convenient ways to do them.”, as the owner Michael Gonzales from Dallas says. These types of apps check your location and find the best resource nearby. In time, we will see arise in location-based apps as its demand will rise in customers as well as enterprise domain.

Cloud Computing Apps

Cloud storage helps users to sync and access their database anywhere without the risk of data corruption. Back in 2015, we have seen the number of apps merging with cloud computing. As everyone now is shifting their databases to cloud this trend will continue and we will see several new cloud computing applications.

Mobile Security Apps

With the increase of people using smartphones, it is becoming important to us that our dependence is increasingly using our phone to access private data to online payments and bank applications. There will be a risk on breaching our database and mobile security is the next big thing. Large companies and enterprises are no exemptions where breaches in data privacy can cost fortunes, and the coming years we will see a high demand on mobile security.