Trends in App Development

Hop on Twitter right now. Immediately go look at the “trending page” and what do you see? Hashtag after hashtag of current events from around the world, viral pop culture stories, memes or jokes, and every useless celebrity gab article imaginable. Now, wake up tomorrow, get back on that same trending page, and what do you see now? That same page from yesterday is filled with 50-100 new articles, stories, memes, or pointless topics. This is the ever changing world of virality.

     The same way the internet leaves no prisoners with how fast it adapts to current events is the same way business owners should approach their app. In addition to Twitter, you should check out your app store right now. Whether Android or Apple, there are most likely dozens of apps that are waiting to be updated. Countless developers put out an app and just watch it rake in money or attention. Good app developers continuously tweak and improve the app every single day. As a consumer using an app, imagine never seeing change from the same glitch or bug. Lack of change is infuriating. Something as simple as an app crashing to a slow buffer time leads to consumers saying bye. Even if there is nothing extremely wrong, making the user interface more friendly or clean never does not help. With all of this, how often should an app be updated you ask?

     Some app developers literally update their app every 15 minutes. That was a bomb that just dropped in your head. Every 15 minutes, a team of app developers improve their app so the consumer gets a better experience. Build up a team, run metrics, take polls, review what is working, and then make your app better and better and better and… If you don’t pursue it like this, another business will, and you will be yet another cycled trending topic that was yesterday’s news.

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