UI vs UX in App Development

When you go wait in line at the DMV you are not jumping for joy. Why not? Waiting in lines is tedious and boring. Being herded around a room while waiting to be talked down to by a disgruntled government employee is not how anyone wants to spend their Saturday morning. This experience and this interaction are just like looking through and using apps on your phone.

     In the app development world, two acronyms get thrown around often: UI and UX. Most people think that the user interface and user experience are the same thing. It is important to understand that they are not. Think about the systems and processes in place at the DMV before you actually get to talk to an attendant. There is paperwork, structure, lines, and arrows. This is all the user experience. Now think about how easy it was to find said paperwork from signage, or find your seat, or the ease of understanding the check-in process. This is all the user interface. Understanding that UI is aesthetics and flow, while UX is the interaction and ease of use is key.

     When designing apps for your business or event, make sure not to set it up to where it is stylish and engaging, but really hard to operate. Having a great balance of UI and UX is key for paving the way for the customer to turn into a repeat customer. Put the fullest effort possible in making it look good and run well.

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