Wearing Your Mobile Apps

     New trends develop every day through any and all industries. With trends on the internet however, everything changes in minutes and even seconds. How does one keep up with the ever-changing trends? How do we stay ahead of the curve when the curve is always changing?

     The answer lies in the palm of your hand. Well, more so, on your consumers’ wrist. Smart watches have become an industry leader. Companies have taken anything and everything great about apps and integrated it into a bite-sized portion on a watch. Why should you as a business owner trend this way too? It’s a simplified, cut out the fluff way of getting your message to the customer you are trying to cater to. Repackage the UX and the UI of your product and put it on a watch. It is only a matter of time until your competitors down the street are doing it.

     If the trends of the mobile world change this much, then do you not think you should change this much too? Imagine having your app, representing your business and then being a staple on the everyday wrist of your customer. You and your product became a staple of their life! So, just like the app world, your customer is on the move this much, then why do you not go with them?

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