Why Not Now With App Development?

     Vox News said recently that Americans spend an average of 3.5 hours of time on their phone a day. Small Business Trends said that 66% of Americans check their phones 100 times away. Recent news reports stated that the average American checked their phone 52 times in 2018. Screen time increases as time goes on at an alarming rate.

     This all begs the question of ‘why wait?’. The time for integrating your business with a mobile app is now. Now? Let me rephrase that to be yesterday! If company websites are being optimized for mobile phones, then why wouldn’t everything else? Do not just stop at a mobile website. That all gives the second nudge to your consumer to meet them where they are at. Getting into the app world for your business may sound like a broken record from me or others, but it is beneficial! Think about the surge of one-touch payment methods, sending money through apps, and even ordering food through your phone. It is all right there. How does this all really connect to increase in phone usage though? If you never have to put your phone down for everything from groceries, to clothes, to gifts, and to news, then why wouldn’t everyone be using their phones more?

     One last smartphone fun fact: Quora Creative states that this year, 2.87 billion people will own smartphones globally. Tack that onto the amount of time that has increased in phone usage and the numbers are staggering. The world is shifting to mobile for everything. Get on board and get out in front before someone else does!

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