You’re Never Too Old To Learn About Apps

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. How many times has culture spout that out in the face of those who have stood the test of time? Oh how incorrect that broken statement is. Not only can old dogs learn a new trick, but they can thrive in them. Is there any truth that can be plucked from this wrongly coined adage? The answer is yes. Old dogs can learn almost anything, but lessons aren’t learned overnight.

     So how does this have anything to do with app development? Well, like most analogies shared here, it fits to a tee. Most business owners over the age of 50 have heard and seen how the internet has taken over industries in less than a decade. Business owners over 50 have also seen how the explosion of the mobile phone has changed access to this World Wide Web. Business owners over 50 also however, might not fully grasp the full usage and integration of mobile applications on those squares in all of our pockets.

     Now, this is not a knock or an insult to anyone over 50 that is still paving the entrepreneurial way. Just like these trailblazers set the standard for stepping out into the wild and making your own ends meet. In addition, just how those were big risks take to be an entrepreneur is the same thing that is happening with mobile apps. They are changing the way we shop, talk, experience, and learn. Building a campaign around this isn’t counterintuitive to your tradition or your way you rose to the top. It is the same thing. The same way you business leaders reset the standards of what it looked like when you said, “I can do this myself, and better” is the same way mobile apps have changed the world. So, relive that trick you displayed when no one else believed in you, because it’s being done again now, just in a shiny, digital package.

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